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VA Home Loans With 100% Financing For Veterans and Active Military Members

I thought it would be prudent to discus some of the outstanding benefits of the VA Home loan program at the time when the banks in our country are going through an exceptionally difficult time thereby, hindering numerous home buyers from obtaining mortgage financing without perfect credit and a down payment. Currently the VA home loan as I like to say is “the last of the Mohicans” in regards to 100% financing for home purchase and now refinance.In the past few years we’ve seen both conventional loans and FHA loans tighten their credit and down payment requirements. At the time of this article both programs require 3% down as a minimum down payment. FHA will begin to require 3.5% down starting in January 1, 2009. Not only that but each require expensive monthly mortgage insurance premiums to insure the lenders in case of loan default (think of it as foreclosure insurance), with premiums on the rise.That takes us back to some of the main advantages of the VA home loan.The VA mortgage loan is 100% financing with no down payment required.
As of the middle of 2008 the maximum loan amount is now dependent on the Freddie Mac county specific loan limits. Some high cost counties in California and New York for example can have limits as high as $729,500 with zero down.
No monthly Mortgage Insurance Premiums. This is a huge benefit and can save veteran’s possibly hundreds of dollars a month depending on loan size and credit score.
No prepayment penalty.
Credit flexibility – perfect credit isn’t required but poor credit borrowers will still have obstacles
Interest rates are competitive with conventional loans
New – VA refinance cash out rules have just been updated so that homeowners can refinance up to 100% of the value of their home. Previous to this it had been capped at 90%.There several advantages and really too many to list, but if you are an eligible veteran and thinking of purchasing or refinancing your existing mortgage. You need to at least explore the VA home loan option before you make your mortgage decision. I suggest you speak with a VA Lender that specializes in VA financing. Many lenders out there may have the ability to close a VA loans but the underwriting guidelines are very confusing and problems can arise with inexperience loan officers.

Beginners Photography – Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

If you want to grow in beginners photography or digital photography you are going to want some beginners photography tips. Digital photography, especially when using an SLR, is a whole new world. Here are some photography tips for beginners photography that I think will help get you going in the right direction.Choose a CameraSelecting an SLR can be confusing. Websites and forums or companies like B&H Photo can help you select one that fits your specific use, whether it is personal or professional.Learn the BasicsThere are some basic rules in beginners photography that will help start you on the path to becoming successful in digital photography. The first is to learn the relationship between aperture and shutter speed in exposure. In digital photography, the aperture controls the size of the opening in the lens, and the shutter speed controls how long the shutter is open. To get the right amount of light, you need to control these two settings properly. A really wide opening along with leaving the shutter open for too long makes your photo too exposed to light and it will look washed out and colorless. The opposite is also true. Using your manual, learn how to change these settings to let the right amount of light into the lens.Practice, Practice, PracticeOnce you have got your camera and have learned the beginners photography basics, you need to go out and practice. This process can be long and frustrating, but stick with it and don’t give up! The more you practice, the more you will learn from them. Websites like have forums where you can have your photos critiqued and learn from suggestions from professional photographers.Start Making MoneyOnce you have down the basics and have practiced and received advice from professionals, use your digital photography skills to start making some additional income. Find websites, forums and other resources that will allow you to use your newfound beginners photography skills to generate some supplemental income under my website listed below. Even people with just beginners photography skills can earn some extra income by learning the basics and practicing.